How Huispedia Improved Talent Hiring and Sales Processes

Huispedia is a great example of how video tools can be used to improve account based selling. By using video, they were able to improve the quality of their hires, and increase their conversion rates with new customers.

Key Results from Using Belel

Click-Through Rates
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Qualified Candidates

About Huispedia

Huispedia is the biggest 100% independent housing platform in the Netherlands, boasting 3 million visitors to its website every month.
Huispedia’s platform allows its users to have all information about their homes in the Netherlands, all in a single place. Everything from house valuations to indications of monthly costs.
Huispedia gives its users the value of knowing what their home is worth through putting them in touch with a local real estate agent, who will then give an extensive valuation of their property.

How they did things before

When it came to hiring new employees, Huispedia used regular text-based advertisements on their website and on LinkedIn.

This led to a lot of time spent writing job postings and resulted in only mediocre results. Huispedia wanted a change that would increase the ease of the hiring process and engage the interest of quality candidates.

Sales used to email PDF reports, which made it difficult to comprehend the whole document in its entirety. Follow-ups were conducted by phone and email. An interest in improving opportunity-to-close rate was rising.

Attract new talent through leveraging engaging videos

Finding top talent is difficult, especially in today's buyer environment. Huispedia started to use engaging Belel videos to convey their key ideas while revealing their personalities. Allowing them to attract not just competent applicants, but those that are also a good cultural fit.

Belel offers a simple method to make customised video messages.

  • Stand out from the competition with a human touch
  • Recruitment may be improved with a clear call to action in each video
  • By being personal, Huispedia is able to show that they are more than just a housing platform

Getting banks to buy

Because of Huispedia's heavy traffic, they sell ad space for mortgage corporations like banks. Because they pick their partners carefully, these businesses are difficult to do business with. That's why Huispedia chose Belel to improve their trust and sell more effectively to banks.

By implementing Belel video walkthroughs to show the value of their housing platform they managed to:

  • Improve conversion rates of their landing pages
  • Reduce their sales cycle due to clear communication
  • Improve retention with monthly video reports

To summit up

If you're looking for a way to improve your talent hiring or sales processes, video is a great tool to consider. Huispedia is just one example of how it can be used effectively. If you want to learn more about Belel and how we can help you improve your sales process, contact us today. We'd be happy to chat with you about your specific needs and see how we can help. Thanks for reading!

Create engaging videos to convert more opportunities

  • Easily create personalized videos
  • Share video messages by copy and paste
  • Add a human touch to your automation
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Create engaging videos to convert more opportunities

  • Easily create personalized videos
  • Share video messages by copy and paste
  • Add a human touch to your automation
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