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Want to see higher click-through and response rates? Start using video messages in your marketing email marketing campaigns.

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Get access to our seamless chat bot that integrates to your videos, creating the perfect tool to create a great customer experience.

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Video is a powerful tool for communicating and converting leads. They help your team to show value more effectively, ultimately resulting in more deals closed.

People are saying

It's a simple and effective way to connect with leads. We build stronger conversations and get straight to business with less steps.
Maxim Bours CEO @ Huispedia
It helped me get started with my LinkedIn strategy. I would reach out to large companies and get traction by including a personal video message. Thanks!
Angela Fusaro CEO @ Every Mother Knows
Belel helped me cut through the noise through hyper personalised video messages via LinkedIn InMail. Would recommend to anywone working in a competitive market like tech.
Simone Staderini Talent Acquisition @ Gorillas
The power tool for a community environment. Got people engaged more effectively with video based messages to users.
Joris v Laerhoven Global Innovation team @ WeWork Labs
I love the platform! I keep having positive outcomes by using it consistently in our communication.
Stela Staleva Ambassador @ Future Females
It enabled me to connect with associations around the world by creating personal video messages. It's like sharing the introduction to our future meeting.
Zsombor G Szabo International Business Developer @ Dojoko
I discovered this tool pretty early and implemented it as part of our teams strategy. I would say it increased our success by 20/30%.
Laurens Jagt CEO @ Cyber Security Recruitment

Customer stories

See how companies in competitive markets are standing out and making the most of every outreach with Belel.

Empower your teams with engaging videos

Sales Professionals

As a better way to reach out to cold prospects and to clarify exactly how you can help their company, use webcam or screen capture videos.

HR and Talent Development

Use video to promote your company's open job opportunities. Create video messages to connect to prospective hires for specific job openings.

Marketing Teams

To share main campaign outcomes with your team or administrators, use video versus a long email or presentation.

Video Hosting For Business

Create personal outreach messages with videos. Easily share via email, LinkedIn and more.

Fire Contextual Messages

We believe in the collaboration of video and text for top performance.

  • Set video time to show a message
  • Send images & files
  • Interact with a powerful chat

The Salesperson Toolbox for Virtual Selling

Never miss the right opportunity to interact with your prospects.

  • Record your screen or webcam—for free
  • Send videos by email, LinkedIn, and more
  • Implement custom buttons for your call to action

Belel's users are fearless

Our users have attracted the attention of the S&P 500 and many other large corporations.

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